Not receiving my instant payments via Paypal

I thought I would post this on this side of the forum aswell as I'm not sure what category this fits in exactly. I got my second order today and the buyer used the paypal instant payment, so i'm supposed to receive the money immeadiatly. I haven't received it even tho the API stuff is all the same. Thanks for any help.


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  • The payment is showing as pending in the PayPal information on the order itself. If you follow the link to the PayPal transaction, PayPal should have some more information about that
  • The transaction ID doesn't bring me anywhere and activity on paypal doesn't show anything. It says "reserved" on the buyers side, so I guess it's just a waiting process?
  • I THINK I ran into something similar once where the buyer did not have adequate funds and PayPal was waiting for an automated bank transfer to credit me (which kept it in a payment processing status). I don't recall if that was via instant payment or not tho. Could this be the case?
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