Hello, just setup my store here.

I am still on the other site, however, due to the outage on the weekend, customers not being able to buy from me over there because of technical issues, and support being horrible, I decided to give BrickOwl a go since I have heard good things about here.

I'm Macebobo over there, but MacsBricks here.

Question for you all, how did you respond to Stripe when they asked for "Documents showing that you are authorized to sell the products on your website. (e.g. reseller authorization)"?

I see some familiar names here, which is reassuring. I hope I can contribute to help make BrickOwl a great place for AFOLs.

I will probably have many questions getting my store setup, I hope you don't mind me asking. I am still reading through the forum for all I can glean.



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  • Hi John, welcome to Brick Owl! Yes, this is quite a friendly place to sell on and no doubt they'll be others chipping in with help. As you no doubt have already discovered the forum is a useful start for any issues, but feel free to start a new thread. There are plenty of US based sellers who can advise with US specific information.

    On a side note I'd be interested to hear about the Stripe issue too - been meaning to investigate adding it so if I can piggyback on your query ;)

  • Welcome to BO, @MacsBricks! If you send site admin (use Contact Us link at bottom of the page) a screen/evidence of your feedback on BL, they will TEMPORARILY (one year, I think) bump up your feedback here so you aren't starting from zero. :-) I gave up on BL 4+ years ago, so I totally get where you're coming from!

    Unfortunately I do not use Stripe so cannot assist with your specific question, but don't hesitate to shout out with any others! Things are super chill over here, I am confident you'll love it! :-)
  • @Calibrick - I found the feedback bump and Lawrence was so quick to add 1000 points, I was impressed. Such a good first impression of support.
  • We've been using stripe for over a year now, probably close to two, and we have never had them ask for documents or had any issues with them.
  • I've been using it on the other site for a year, so I don't know why they have an issue with me using it here too.
  • MacsBricks, so glad you found the feedback bump here, that's awesome news! The support here is phenominal, the owner and admin are just downright terrific. Once you're sorted out and up, you'll be in love with this site I bet! :-)
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