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Hi Guys, maybe there's an easy answer, but I'm not finding it.

I'd like to have a notification (sound) on my phone when I receive a new Brickowl order. I use Outlook Mobile and it works fine for Bricklink's emails. By since Brickowl emails adresses are more complicated, I can't set up notifications for all of it. Any easy fix ?



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  • Have you set your standard e-mail address in your Profile? All Brick Owl messages (e.g. new order notifications) are being forwarded there.
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    Sure I did. But Brickowl 's emails look like this : [email protected]

    It seems to change every day.
  • The e-mail address I mentioned should be the one that you use in your everyday communication.
    Check the attached image to see how it looks in my settings.
  • @Pikka, that is the address mail is sent to (to reach you), but orders mails are sent from a unique address, it's the address from the buyer but is unique for every buyer-seller combination

    @Brick_qc you could use the sent from domain ( to get a sound. But then you will get a sound for every mail from BrickOwl, not only orders
    Or you could try to use the "Brick Owl: New Order Received" subject to achieve that.
    Both should be possible
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