💎 Increase sales abroad

Hello friends,

Do you have any good case practice based on your experience, how did you manage to increase your sales abroad?

Or maybe what is the most important for you as buyers when looking for offers in stores outside your country? Of course, apart from the wide range or very low prices.

💎 thanks a lot for the hints and possible feedback on my shop and its terms:



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  • First of, for just any sales at all. I am always selling without the need to buy for a specific price, or specific amount. Those shops, that has that settings simply do not get me as a customer. Because i can not see why i should buy for more than i need.

    For me, this is the whole point of (my) shop or any shop. To offer THAT specific brick a person needs. And if that person wants to buy than one brick and pay for a full shipping price, who am i to say no.

    Next up is just simply the awareness of your store. Both in my local area where i live, i hand out cards with my shop info. I go on "flee markets - garage sales and so on" to make my self known.

    The biggest commercial you can have and get is by mouth. People talk :-D
    Lastly i as well, post on facebook at my own profile, groups, chats anywhere people talk about Lego.
    And when you have all this running, your store starts to run by it self.

    Just today i sold a minifigure to Ireland. His account is now 2 hours and 43 minutes ;-P
    So a whole new person, not just in my shop, but at Brickowl as well. I have no idea how he found out that i had this minifigure, but i am glad that he wanted to buy from me. And again, with no restrains he could do just that, and since i needed to go out and shop for food anyway, i packed and shipped it right away.

    So all in all, if you really want this, you got to be active all over the place. And then maybe after a year or so, you can begin to sit back, and enjoy how your shop brings in happy customers who come back for more Lego :-)
    My all time customer is from Germany with 9 total orders from me :-)
  • Thanks fot that! Anybody else? :)
  • Hi again!

    What I am offering at the moment is for sure:
    - prices around -10% vs 6m average
    - no fees (paypal, packing etc)
    - cheap shipping

    What else can encourage shoppers to shop outside of their country of residence more often?

    My store: https://hiddentreasure.brickowl.com/

    thank you for any suggestions :)
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