Suggestion: Add MINIMUM LxWxH (Dimensions) Fields to Shipping Band Settings

In the US, our postal service has introduced additional rates for any items that are over 22" in length (extra $4) , and any item 30"-plus in length (extra $15).

If our shipping band setup would show MINIMUM dimensions, we would not have to display options to our buyers in shipping the DO NOT need.

For example, my store is going to show you ALL THREE Parcel Ground rates for an item that is only 4-inches long, because I cannot set a minimum to pop up just the one of the three that should apply since we can only set max dimensions. If you have a 24" item in length (say a set), you'll see TWO of the parcel ground rate options - the 22-30" rate and the 30"-plus rate.

It's really annoying... and most stores can leave that blank, of course, for when that is not needed (e.g., First Class Parcel Service). I can set minimum cost and even minimum volume, but not minimum dimensions to limit what shipping options display.

Thank you so much for considering this - please upvote using the buttons by the title or on the main Suggestions screen if you agree! :-)


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  • This is an example of the mess of a list when my customers add an item to their cart - in this example, I used a simple 8x16 plate. If we had minimum dimensions, the majority of this would disappear, making for a much improved BUYER EXPERIENCE. :-)
  • Yes, I agree. It looks messy and complicated with a long list of unnecessary shipping options.
  • We will have to think about some sort of shipping method grouping for situations like this. You may want to reconsider offering different shipping methods based on insurance amount, as paypal would likely deem the seller responsible for lost packages regardless of insurance chosen.
  • Yes, but if they pay for insurance I can recoup my investment - and customer do choose insurance voluntarily now and then on my store.

    While redoing all of this over the weekend (price rates changed again, sigh), I was wondering if it's possible to at least add an ability to instead of increasing by $% (currently offered), we could also increase by $X.XX amount???

    That might be much easier, and that alone would chop 2/3 - 3/4 of my work. I'd only have to build the basic rates, and can then add the insurance amounts to a clone of that shipping method. :-)
  • Okay, I have added the option to adjust the shipping method by a fixed amount
  • Oh that is FANTASTIC @Lawrence, thank you so, so much! That should chop a huge portion of work away during USPS's next update!!!!
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