BLS Manager + BrickOwl orders

This weeks update brings BrickOwl orders to BLS Manager, Manage your BrickLink and BrickOwl orders with ease, and pick one or multiple orders at the same time!

New users

Existing BLS Manager users can add BrickOwl in Tools - Options - Marketplaces - Add Marketplace, you do need to set up InSpaceSync in ReadOnly or FullSync mode for the best experience.

InSpaceSync is used to convert BrickOwl items numbers, translate colors, and lookup deleted lots in audit history.

There are some gotchas:
- For now a BrickLink store is required.
- BLS Manager only shows BrickLink images.
- Older BO orders, or orders with deleted lots that are not in audit history, will show no image.
- BO lots with no BrickLink counterpart might not show an image, depending on if the BOID can be converted to BL or not.
- The buyer's order message is shown in BLSM, other mailbox messages are not!
- You can post feedback once, BLSM will not show feedback posted on the website.

BrickOwl lots will show the lot ID and item number in the description.

Any feedback, suggestions or bug reports are welcome!

Kind regards,


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  • Loving the sync! no mor blmanager on/off. Just change remarks and prices as I need and they are sync'd!

    Also, love pulling multiple orders from both sites at the same time!
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    Two weeks of progress on BrickOwl support in BLS Manager:

    - You can now select different status colors for BrickOwl orders.

    - BLSM can automatically set order status to Processing when you start picking and to Processed when you are done.

    - The Order List will show a '+' after an order number when it is combined with another order.

    - The Order Editor will show a green bar that the order is combined with another.

    - The Order View (picker) will show a green bar that the order is combined with another one, but not all orders are in the pick list.

    - Orders with the status Shipped, Received, or Cancelled are now seen as filed and hidden.

    Fixed many issues, and made more improvements.

    Thanks to everyone for the support, bug reports, suggestions, and other feedback!
  • Is this a paid service?
  • @TechnicBuilt, BLS Manager with InSpaceSync in ReadOnly mode is free to use*.

    Running InSpaceSync in FullSync mode to synchronize inventory between marketplace is a paid service.

    *InSpaceSync is used by BLS Manager to lookup inventory history, convert colors and do item lookups.
  • Today's update fixes several BrickOwl-related issues in BLS Manager.

    - State or region is missing from buyer addresses.

    - Feedback posted from BLSM disappears after a refresh.

    - Changing order status in the picker doesn't work for BrickOwl orders.

    This update also includes other fixes, and improvements, some for InSpaceSync.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Another week, another update :)

    Update 1161 solves many issues related to BrickOwl orders in BLS Manager.

    - Support for downloading full order history.

    - Support for orders that have no consumer number.

    - Support for order items that do not have an external ID linking to BL.

    - Support for orders containing items that have no item type, no, or lot number.

    - Support for fields that allow more data than BL does.

    Most of the issues fixed happened for older orders.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Update 1191 solves minor issues related to BrickOwl orders in BLS Manager.

    - The Left and Reserved values are incorrect on the order picker.

    - Open order details in the context menu isn't working.

    - Added a Website button on top of the picker to quickly open order details.

    All other fixes and additions can be found in the release notes.
  • More updates! Update 1236 changes for BrickOwl:

    - Order Tracking Number and message From/To fields aren't large enough.

    - BrickOwl marketplace can now be added in the BLS Manager setup wizard.

    - InSpaceSync can now be configured in the BLS Manager setup wizard.

    Most of my development time went into adding multi marketplace support, this work hasn't completed yet but is coming along nicely. I did also completely overhaul the BLSM setup wizard making it easier to set up the application.

    Thanks for the feedback and support.
  • is it possible to generate a paper invoice with custom layout for all bricklink and brickowl orders? and is it possible to generate a PostNL Label for each order within BLS?
  • @Snoopy1975 this isn't in the app yet, but I would really like to add it.

    You can already export addresses for shipping labels, it might need some adjustments for PostNL but I can do that for you.

    The invoices will happen, but I can't give a time frame for it.
  • BLS Manager update 1498 is available!

    Improved networking (client/server), bug fixes, and minor changes.
  • Update 1767 changes for BrickOwl:

    - InSpaceSync supports reading and writing BrickOwl XML backup files.

    ?> copy bo1 boxml

    ?> copy <bo xml file> bo1

    - Improved InSpaceSync converter code to improve copying from BO to BSX.

    ?> copy bo1 bsx /variants

    ?> copy <bo xml file> bsx /variants

    - Added various context menu options to open BO invoices and inventory website pages.

    Thanks for the feedback and support.
  • Update 1804 changes for BrickOwl:

    - More frequent background check for inventory changes to reduce the chance for oversold items.

    - Pick orders from your phone, tablet, or browser!
  • Update 1814 changes for BrickOwl:

    - Todo list now includes orders with status "Payment Submitted" and "Payment Received".


    - Rendering improvements for large orders (way faster).
  • Update 1925 new features:

    - Daily, weekly, or monthly inventory and sales reports in your mailbox.
  • Web-based order picker updates! Now with Status selector and order item notes.

    Can be used in combination with BLS Manager and InSpaceSync.

    And a ton more:
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