Clikits colors?

There are a few Clikits colors still missing here:

- 190 Fire Yellow (about three known parts)
- 218 Reddish Lilac (about ten or so)
- 295 Flamingo Pink (around five)

Adding 190 or 295 may not be as much of a priority as something like 218, which does come in a few more parts and is also known to have been used outside of Clikits (Belville doll).

I have also found two 176 Red Flip/Flop IDs for those rare 2001 masks, however adding them did not create a new color. 178 Yellow Flip/Flop and 179 Silver Flip/Flop come in the same six parts, so maybe those could also be added?


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  • 190 - we have that merged into yellow, I prefer not to create a separate colour
    218 - we have that one (we may have added it since the suggestion)
    295 - I will create that
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