Missing items

I see quite a few items not appearing in the catalog.
What could be the cause of this?


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  • Can you be more specific? Do you mean sets? Could be they are so new that they have not been officially released. Parts, especially old or vintage ones, may be here but could be listed as 'unnamed' and will need human investigation and updating. Sometimes an item appears on BL but not here and again these can be added.
  • These are regular parts.
    I am looking for e.g. in the catalog to 3713 or 32002 but then don't see my store appear when there is enough stock and the items have been in it for a long time.
    Do I now have to recheck or re-enter everything to make it visible.
  • Stores do not appear in the listings if their advertised shipping time exceeds a certain number (I want to say five or more days??), could that be the issue? You may also want to ensure you have the for sale box ticked by the items under Advanced view (they ALL default to this at entry).
  • Your items are visibel, just not on page 1.
    For the 3713 in red, you are on page 16 when viewing all items for sale (sorted by price).
    When only viewing the Netherlands you are on page 3.

    So you are there, only not in the top mentioning.
  • Thanks for your answer.
    So I don't see it, you are talking about page 3 with only the Netherlands, but I don't get that far, I only see 6 results.
    I'm afraid it has to do with settings because I recently noticed that there was very little supply of items I wanted.
  • These settings may be restricting what you see:
  • As Hoddie said/showed, take a good look at those condition and location settings.
    Whatever you set when viewing an item is used when viewing another.
  • Thank you folks, indeed the setting was not right.
    Everything is now visible, thanks again for your input.
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