Hi after i pick the countries the boxes Band information From--To----Price--- i am not sure how you fill these in . I am not very tech savvy so sorry to be a pain Thanks


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  • Firstly, please don't worry about asking for help, we've all been there.

    It looks to me like the shipping method you've set up is by price band, which means that you would set your shipping cost according to the total value of the order. Personally I think that it makes more sense to use weight bands, so you set your shipping cost according to the total weight of the items. All of my shipping methods are by weight because I only use Royal Mail and their pricing is by weight (and size). Weight or Price band is the first thing you choose when you create a new shipping method and I think that once you've set it you can't change it so I would suggest you create a new one and disable the existing one.

    So assuming you're using weight bands, the To and From values are the weight range in grams and the Price is what you will charge for parcels in that weight range. e.g. Royal Mail 2nd Class large letter is £1.05 up to 100g, but that's the weight of the parcel you send out so you need to account for the packaging weight by reducing the 'To' value that you set, so you might set the first band From 0g To 85g, depending on the packaging you use. You can adjust that later if it's not quite right. When you click the add/update bands button it will automatically put in the next From value for you. The next Royal Mail band is £1.65 up to 250g, so your To value might be 210g and you set your price for that band. Don't forget to click the Submit button at the bottom.
  • On the Shipping Methods screen there is a 'Shared Shipping Methods' button, it will show you methods that have been made available by other stores. You can search for something like Royal Mail 2nd Class Large Letter to see what others have set up and use them as a basis to create your own.

    If you use that search there is one by FITBRICKS which is quite similar to what I described.
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