Export Tax

Hi everyone - hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday (those of you who are not working anyway).
Quick question regarding this export tax - who actually pays the tax the seller or the customer?? Very confused with it all.
Just wondering whether its worth posting abroad anymore if the seller has to pay the tax.
Many thanks


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  • From my experience it only applies to shipping to the EU (and vice versa if you purchase from someone in the EU). The customer is responsible for paying the tax, which is handled automatically by the platform, and this is then passed on to the relevant authority. I've found that I do get the odd order, but by and large it's tailed off. Personally I still think it's worth offering to ship to the EU (as there's no real extra hassle and is straightforward to pay for the postage on the Royal Mail website), but the customer will ultimately make the decision to pay the extra 20% or not.
  • @Jay37 thanks for the information - that makes it clearer for me.
    Yes I agreei will continue to ship overseas as you say there is very little work envloved.
    thanks :)
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