Search function "not" working

Is it just me, or is the search function on brickowl really bad ?

I have been wanting to ask about this for some time now, but also wondering if it was just me who are bad at searching :-)
But a simple search for a 2x6 plate should be fairly easy to search for. But what i get is so much more of anything else really. So much that i need to click on the menu to the left to make the search area smaller, and even then i get a lot of other bricks than a 2x6

My result is at the second to last bottom row - a 2x6 brick plate.

So with this, is there any way to make the search function for the site better ?
And do others have the same "problem" or noticed this!


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  • Hey,
    one trick is using "" in the search for the dimension. For example search "2x6" plate and the first result are only 30 items.
    Maybe this helps a little bit.

  • I switched the order: plate 2x6, and that was the first option that came up. BrickOwl's naming convention puts the part type first, then size: plate 2x6 instead of 2x6 plate, dish 3x3 instead of 3x3 dish, brick 1x2 instead of 1x2 brick, etc. This standard gives more accurate search results for me. Hopefully this helps!
  • Make sure the sort is set to default when searching.
  • @Hoddie

    Thank you. That might have done the trick. I had it on name as "default"
    But when i switched it to default, the search is much better :-D
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