I have these for sale, the picture on Brickowl Does not match what I have. But the pictures on Brick link are exactly as my photo the sizes are correct. Looking for some advice. Once again your help is much appreciated


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  • Are you referring to these?
    The existing pictures are just renders and sometimes these aren't the closest match. Obviously a picture of the actual item is appreciated, but what you have in hand definitely matches this entry.
  • @Jay37 yes that is the item. Just did not want to list them if not right. Thanks for your help.
  • You could go to the color entry of the item (e.g., go to the white listing for the white one) and submit a photo for points - that helps you and helps your customers manage expectations of what they'll receive when they order. :-)
  • @Calibrick the photo got rejected. I am sure I uploaded the picture for the white one. This is what they said.
    Reason: Could you upload this against the relevant color of the item?
  • Neil,

    If you go to this page:

    And click the edit tab, then click the image tag, and then READ, you will find this paragraph:

    This is an uncoloured item, almost all images must be uploaded against a specific color of an item. Click on the color tab, select an item and then upload the image on its edit tab. If the color does not exist, add it to your wishlist in the color you want, delete it from your wishlist, and then refresh the page. This will create the colour. Only submit the image against this item if you are sure it does not need a color, for example if it is cardboard.

    That is a wordy way of saying you need to click the Colors tab, then click on a color (in your case, White Antenna 5H with Side Spokes).

    Then from THAT page click the edit tab, then the image tab, then upload the image there.

    I get caught by this issue from time to time. It would be helpful if the interface did not present the image upload function on the "uncolored" page for colored items…because all that leads to is the message to not use it.

    However, being the chaos that the LEGO catalog is, there are probably some items which do not come in a "color" for which this page WITH the upload dingus is useful…probably for packaging or gear.
  • Thanks mfav. Just tried again will see what happens.
  • Good luck, Neil! I kept submitting against the main listing vs. a specific color when I first started... you get used to it!
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