Not getting order emails

received 2 orders today and i've not received the normal emails from Brickowl telling me.

checked my junk folder too and they're not there either? any ideas? both orders were within the last hour.



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  • An order e-mail was marked as spam yesterday, unfortunately once an e-mail has been marked as spam from an e-mail address, we can no longer send any e-mails to that e-mail address. The only way around this would be to provide a new e-mail address on your account.
  • Well that sucks!

    Order was marked spam by who? I was receiving emails fine yesterday?

    I previously had issues where brickowl emails went into my spam folder but managed to eventually resolve that last year. It's been fine up till now.

    I really don't want to set up a new email account just for this.
  • We have contacted our email provider and they have unblocked the address.

    When an email is marked as spam there is no information about which person clicked the spam button.
  • That’s good to hear! Thank you for resolving it.
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