Shipping abroad

I have a customer that has asked for two shipping quotes. Via airmail or by boat. This difference in cost is approximately 45% cheaper to send by boat. I can’t see away to offer this. Is this something that can be added to the shipping quote so both can be offered?


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  • I think you can only quote one amount (so go for the most expensive initially) and maybe quote the cheaper amount in the note field and say you will refund the difference if they choose to go with the cheaper method. Or it may be possible to ask them to submit a second quote, but not sure how that would work if the parts are already in their other basket.
  • Thanks jay37 for your information, yes all I can price for is one type of shipping.
  • You also need to consider if you are happy to send by such a slow method.

    If you are sending order that is going to take several weeks to arrive, you could be looking at a Paypal claim for non delivery before it even gets to the country.
  • Yes but PayPal want tracking information from me. Which I provided them so I see no problem if i stick to that, and the request is from the buyer and they know as I have told them it can take up to six weeks. So hopefully I have covered myself. thanks for your information white horse bricks
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