Vented heads

Is brickowl ever going to acknowledge this variant? It's been out for over a year now in trans-color heads. The heads with this new stud type are being split between safety and recessed solid heads here on brickowl


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  • I've personally always interpreted "vented" and "safety" as having the same meaning, the same as "recessed stud" and "hollow stud".
  • You can create the new variant as a catalog entry - my guess is LEGO's API catalog content to BO doesn't acknowledge this variant yet, so we have to manually create it if we want it in the catalog. :-)
  • Usually we would merge those in with safety stud, as they are both forms of safety stud
  • Shouldn't the "vented" stud heads self-segregate as they are part 28621 and the "other" heads are part 3626?
  • Indeed they can be sorted like many other part variants by the ID, also head 79435 has vented stud, the only non-trans.

    Separating them makes sense as they are from a different time period too. Safety stud ceased its use years ago and only Hollow Stud heads were made until vented appeared.
  • I agree it would be better to separate them. Buyers may not care much right now, but at some point in the future it will be important to collectors that they get the right head for their needs.

    But is a moot point? Do any heads exist in both safety stud and vented stud variants? I suppose even if they don't currently, it can't be ruled out in future given Lego's occasional foray into re-creating vintage minifigures.
  • I'm fine with vented being considered the same as blocked-open, but I can remember a couple cases where they were actually listed here as recessed solid (can't remember which specific heads atm, unfortunately).
  • There are some trans-colored heads with recessed hollow studs. Those are part 30011.

    The 30011 recessed head in the attached picture is from Set 70418; the possessed Elton head.

    I have a 28621 vented head with the same print from set 70428, released the following year.
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