4 to 7 day shipping

The reason I ask for this is the fact that our little village post office / convenience store has had to close. And as I am the only one that drives and as it is an 8 mile round-trip to the next nearest post office in the next village. I can now only make shipment on Saturdays. As I work during the week and it is not possible for me to make shipments at work. It is just that brickowl go from 2/5 days to 6/14 days a 4/7 days shipping period would make a difference to me. Not sure how many other sellers this would help. Especially sellers like me that are doing it as a hobby and not a business.


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  • The dispatch time is in working days so 2-5 days gives you a week to post orders.
  • Thanks Mrs swoop so Saturday to Saturday is classed as 5 working days.
  • Yes, I believe that's correct.
  • That is correct in terms of how BO treats days, e.g., in the beta "average dispatch time". From a customer POV, be warned, some may not think in working days, but calendar days - but I personally think it's fine to put 2-5 if you will always ship at or under those five biz (seven calendar) days. I think at a certain level your items no longer appear in the catalog buy tab, also (it might be just after that 2-5 threshold).

    If you want to post as a suggestion, go to the suggestions category here in the forum and post it as an idea there for vote! :-)
  • I was not thinking in working days either which is why I have made the suggestion. If it is working days then all should be ok. Thanks for the information.
  • I feel your pain with the Post Office closing. My nearest has just done the same.

    Don't forget you can use services like Drop and Go, Parcels Post boxes and Parcel Collect if getting to the post office frequently is challenging.
  • Lol I wish I could use a collection service. They find it hard to deliver a parcel to me, they get delivered to the wrong house or they take it to the post office. So can just imagine them trying to pick up a parcel. There are only two cul-de-sacs and the main through road in my village with no more than 40 houses in total.
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