Hey peoples.

Quite simple. I have some left over manuals, mostly from friends sets. Would it have any value to try and sell them, or manuals in general ?
What is the "sale value" with this. Do anyone have experience in selling them ?


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  • In my experience, instructions do not sell very well unless its for an older set or a modular. Ill tell you my secret if you agree to purchase $300 in parts from my store.

    Just kidding...I only add instructions to my store if they sell for more than $1. Otherwise they are thrown into a box until its full then I sell the bulk lot on EBay. They sell every time. Not always on the first 7 day auction, but they eventually go. I don't make a ton of money with them. Just enough really to keep doing it, but I'm not storing them for years on end hoping they sell at some point.
  • As long as you price fairly, books sell quite well from my store... it's important to expressly note the condition in the public comments field, though, e.g., dog eared pages, light spine wear, etc. Some people buy them for themselves (easier to build from a book than an e-device), some buy when they're selling one of their own sets (having the book increases the sales value). The luck for me goes from cheapies (small holiday folded instructions) to super-pricey ones (UCS and architecture sets). The only ones I've really sat on are some older super heroes ones (for smaller sets).

    I do suggest tho that you have a note that suggests if people are not in a hurry to consider asking for a quote for the item. In many cases you can ship these using Media Mail if you are in the US, and there are no other items on the order. :-) (way cheaper than first class).
  • IMHO, manuals (a/k/a instructions) are most sought after when someone is trying to restore a relative valuable set for resale. One example might be any of the various pirate ships. Another could be the early castles.
  • Thanks for your input.
    I guess i will try to list them for sale no matter what.
    And good idea to write a little note about the condition of each manual, maybe i have something of value, and if not, it was worth a try :-)
  • Also I've learned that not everyone inputs the dimensions for the instructions when they're added to the catalog - be sure for each instruction you sell that there are dimensions and weights in the catalog, and if not add them - otherwise it will automatically show a way too high shipping price for them. :-)
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