20% off Sale at the Stud Shack


To celebrate the Stud Shacks 2nd birthday, We have 20% off everything with 50% off selected minifigures and parts.

During the covid pandemic when we first went in to lockdown life got turned upside down. I was used to getting up, going to work, talking to customers, going home and doing it all again the next day. However once we all got told to stay at home and stay indoors I started to feel a bit lost.

That was when I started the Stud Shack. Cleaning, sorting and listing Lego started to give a purpose again. Working out the branding, shipping and storage issues challenged me again. But most of all I found something that I enjoyed doing.

I have enjoyed it so much that it is now a part of my life and I would like to thank all of my customers; past, present and future.

Thank you,

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