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Is it possible to implement an exact search button. I have searched my inventory for 3004. And get every item that has that number on it whether it be 13004 or 30041. Also when I put one by two brick in the search I get every brick I have listed. I am I doing something wrong when I search. I appreciate your comments and your help.


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  • Without knowing your precise need for an exact search in your inventory, I have repeated what you've done in mine and I get the same thing happening. However, if you search "1x2 brick 3004" (no need for the quotation marks), then it seems to return only 1x2 bricks, although not stickered or decorated ones. It left out anything else (I had some instruction manuals show up and turned out that they had '3004' somewhere in their ID numbers). Might not be a perfect method, but could work for your needs.
  • @Jay37 thanks for your help
  • Also on the top right corner change the sorting to default, as it sometimes is in last updated or others and then the results don't match exactly what you expect first.
  • You can also use quote marks - while it would not have helped in this situation, if you wanted to see a list of all your nonstandard 1x2 bricks, instead of searching brick 1 x 2, You could search "brick 1 x 2 with" and get those results using the quote marks.
  • Once again thank you all for your help
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