Once again looking for help

I have tried everything I can think of to find these two. Put in the id number with no luck, put in Disney still no luck. As with slope, tile, am I doing something wrong when I search?


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  • Might not be in the database yet...
  • If you know the set it comes from (60158?) you can look at the set inventory and see if it's there in the list. If not, no one has submitted and you can create the new item and submit a pic of it for max points. :-)
  • Yellow one is definitely from 60158 (on the sticker sheet) but doesn't seem to have an entry. Dark Stone Gray is from set 41067 and likewise appears to have no catalog entry so both will need to be created.
  • Looking at the pictures for the 60158 set, the yellow sticker that has 60158 on it should be on a slope, it's on the front of the buggy thing
  • Is the grey one upside down?
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    @Mrs Swoop the sticker is correct, but the part is the 'wrong' way from our perspective - it attaches on the vertical so the short edge is at the base. Both are the 1x2 cheese slopes but the flash on the camera has flattened the depth.
  • Oh sorry, I did think they were tiles from the picture
  • Thank you all once again for all your help. I have sent to be listed in the catalog. I don’t hold out much hope as they are still rejecting the adrift brick.
  • @Mrs Swoop Sorry, my bad, you're right - the sticker on the gray slope is upside down. On the set image the eyes should be at the narrow edge, but on @Neiljones example they are at the thick edge.
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