This one feels not so good

Situation: buyer places order (at roughly 2 AM California time, 5 AM my time). I only see one order, but I don’t see any sign of Stripe doing an address verification. CVC passes, but that’s it. So I go look at the Stripe Dashboard. OK, I see the same thing there, but … I also see a failed attempt just before the one that succeeded. Both for the same buyer, same amount, same card. The failed attempt was because the bank refused it ‘transaction_not_allowed’. This is using a debit card.

The sales amount is high enough (~$100) and the remaining stock of that item is low enough (roughly 1), that I don’t feel good about running with this one and taking the chance. The lack of an address verification (which some cards do not do) leaves me very uncomfortable.

Any other view points ?


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  • New buyers sometime have issues with their first order getting things right. It could just be a typo on the first attempt with their password. Are debit cards typically used for scams? Sometimes the person buying is just not web savvy enough to do things correctly?

    Can I ask, have you been burned a lot recently? Or is it just the spidey sense (Peter tingle) going off?

  • Mostly spider sense. The fact that I have low inventory, and the fact that this payment came with no verifiable address. The combination says perhaps it’s not an order I want to pursue. Also, the buyer is brand new to BO, no previous history.

    I don’t know how easy/hard it is to use a debit card while not intentionally supplying an address. Had there been a validated address, I would have run the order without a second thought. As it is, the address could be anything.

    It’s always possible that this is somehow tied to a wallet (e.g. Apple Pay), and that service is intentionally not passing an address. I am somewhat aware that certain pre-paid cards do not have an address.

    I’m just overly sensitive about addresses and the shipment of physical goods, especially when the goods are HTF and close to not available anywhere else.

    One other aspect of the missing address … This could be a seller elsewhere, trying to get me to drop ship (without my knowledge).
  • I'd take a peek at BL and see if there is a user there with that account name and their feedback - sometimes you get lucky and it's the same person.

    I think in your shoes, since the address is not verifiable, you could buy InsurePost insurance on this one just for your own piece of mind (it's like $1.50 per $100 I think). Or USPS insurance, which costs much more. Keep ALL paperwork and take a screen shot of the label or picture. Ensure you have live tracking on it. I personally like piece of mind. :-)

    Just another viewpoint!
  • @Calibrick

    Most of the various postal insurances, are only claimable against postal handling issues. To the best of my knowledge, they do not protect against fraud. If you know otherwise, please enlighten me.

    This order was canceled on Friday, and a message was sent informing the buyer of why I was canceling it. Late on Friday night, they placed the order again, same item, and with the same result. So I’m going to have to cancel it a second time. There are two ways I can prevent a third attempt, one is to leave the item with zero quantity, the other being to block the buyer. I’m left with the impression they don’t understand what is the issue.

    The orders shows both a billing and a shipping address, but no address verification by Stripe. My view is that this has something to do with the card and/or the issuing bank’s policies about disclosing addresses. If this were cross-border card usage, then I might understand about why the address is being withheld, but it’s a US card being used with a US seller.
  • Insurance would protect you in the event the buyer claims non-receipt and attempts to block the purchase payment later...? You could prove you ship what was ordered TO where was directed. That was my thought.

    Another option (the buyer hasn't communicated with you yet? that would be a red flag there, if not in response to your canx) is to block them, yes. I'm afraid that I'm not at all conversant on Stripe so can't be more helpful. :-(
  • Update on Saturday evening … I just canceled the second order. When I did so, I noticed a message that the payment reversal (payment had not been captured) failed. So I took a peek at the Stripe dashboard, and found that both payments (first and second attempts) were sitting there active and uncaptured. Both payment attempts have now been canceled at Stripe. There’s something very odd about that payment card. Buyer has also been blocked now.
  • Out of curiosity, I tried to submit the address via USPS Zip+4 validation. USPS failed to find that address. Most curious.
  • I have the same gut feeling about a order I received. They moaned about my shipping cost, said don’t know where I was getting my information from but it is wrong. Told me to ignore what PayPal want ie tracking information. So I reduced the cost to just postage plus plus what PayPal charge me on postage. So no extra cost for packing materials. Then they pay for the items. Just not sure if I should post the order or just refund the payment.
  • @Neiljones if you take a look at the customer details at the bottom of that orrder, you will see that they have several hundred feedback and it is a low value order, so they are unlikely to be fraudulent.
  • @ Lawrence It was not a case of them being fraudulent it was just the way he came across in his emails it just rattled my cage. And telling me that my postings are wrong and to ignore PayPal. PayPal require shipping information from me so I have to supply it.
  • This buyer has decided to communicate with me. It’s obvious that they see the two orders being canceled. After the second cancellation I left the item with zero quantity (i.e. offline) mostly to prevent a third order, and blocked the buyer. They (it would appear) began to place a third order, and ran into the block. So that tells me that the orders being canceled did not really get them to pay attention, other than maybe to try again.

    I’m still sorting this out, and deciding how to proceed.
  • Also, I ran the address thru USPS and it appears to be OK. The earlier attempt was made by hand copy/paste and I may have mis-typed something. I have replied to the customer, and need some clarification about the situation.
  • The customer has lost interest (i.e. got it cheaper somewhere else). They have yet to give me a valid explanation as to why the card was not being address checked. That, when combined with the initial payment attempt which the bank rejected, pretty much tells me that this was an attempt at fraud and/or using a stolen card.
  • @ nita_rae so glad to hear you are not out of pocket. Normally your first gut feeling is always right.
  • I have had the same proble. I just send the buyer a polite message asking to confirm their address and explain about the message from stripe. Everyone so far has come back confirmed their address (it was always right) and I have had no problems at all
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