Received Payment but No Order Showing

Hi Everyone,

I received a payment through Paypal from a Brickowl order, but on the orders page for my store, I do not show a order. I have a order number from paypal, but that order has not shown up on Brickowl as payment received. Can someone tell me what's happened and what to expect?




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  • Sounds strange. I've had orders before where it's taken a while to receive the PayPal email (sometimes days), but this is usually a problem with PP. Just to clarify, are you saying the order has been received, but payment is still pending, or have you received a payment but no order appears in your store?
  • I have received payment, but no order is appearing in my store. I even have an order number listed on the paypal statement.
  • @Bricksverse

    Have you logged into PayPal to confirm a payment is actually there, cleared, and received ?

    By default, anyone can send you money. You can flip a setting (in PayPal) that limits payments to those originating from web sites (like Brick Owl).
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