Revising shipping cost after purchase (in agreement with purchaser)—how do I process this?

Hi there, I’m a new seller and trying to wade through the shipping cost/quote stuff without losing my shirt. I recently had a purchase of a set and my shipping calculation was way off—but payment received….I contacted the purchaser to explain my error and see if she preferred to cancel the order (and provided more appropriate shipping amount).
The purchaser still wants the set and is agreeable to the revised shipping—how do I manage this? Is there a way to set up a separate charge for this (like could I set up an inventory item for the shipping amount only on this case and have the purchaser order that?)
I’m so green that I have no idea how to process a refund yet (hopefully will never need to know how :)) so just trying to figure out the best way to make this easy for my customer and not lose the shipping…

Any help would be MOST appreciated :)


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  • As far as I know you cannot (you can reduce but not increase). If the buyer is paying with PayPal you can send a payment request to their BO email address.

    You could also cancel the order, mark the item as available only for this user with 'force quote request', than ask them to order the item again.
  • I made the same mistake too on a first order. But I sent it away at a very small loss and put it down to that learning curve. I explained it to the customer and she has since given me two more orders. Now I have set up request quote on all orders. But how you move forward is up to you.
  • Thanks! Both good options—I am prepared to take the hit if necessary—definitely my error and I would not penalise the customer just to save a buck! Having reached the customer right after receiving the order and explaining the error with an offer of an immediate refund, she was gracious enough to advise that she still wants the set and accepts the higher shipping, I’m going to give it a go…if I can’t make it work, I will still fulfil the order at my loss.
    One more question, if I am processing a refund, if that direct through PayPal? What process do I follow in MyStore?
    Thanks so much for the input on both fronts—
  • Sorry but on that question I have no idea as not made a refund. I assume that it’s just through PayPal but not sure.
  • @ESP268 On the order screen, under the 'More Actions' button there is a refund option. You can refund the whole or part of an order (including just shipping). You need to add a note otherwise it won't action (could be along the lines of "as agreed with customer"), and yes, if it was paid through PayPal it will be automatic.
  • The paypal bit isn't automatic, you'll get a message on the BO screen telling you that you need to go and do the refund yourself in paypal.
  • It is automatic unless the seller's PayPal account is a personal basic one.
  • Thanks for that @Hoddie I was wondering if there was a difference.
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