Questions about and photos of some pieces scheduled for deletion from catalogue

Hello, folks,

I have a few pieces in my store inventory and in my collection that are scheduled for deletion. I thought I would post some photos here to get people's opinions on whether the pieces should maybe not be scheduled for deletion or if I should categorize them as a different colour. Please let me know what you think!

First up, a transparent purple cone without top groove. Its colour is a bit weird. I have attached a photo of it alone, and then of it in comparison to a transparent dark purple cone with top groove. It (cone on the left side) is noticeably lighter than the transparent dark purple cone (right side). So is this just a weird batch that I should list as transparent dark purple, or is it a transparent light purple cone without top groove that is scheduled for deletion?

Secondly, a corrugated hose 3.2 cm / 4 studs long. Looking at it in person, it is flat dark gold. I had submitted it for approval to the catalogue but was told it's actually metallic gold. However, metallic gold is a coating or paint that can rub off. This hose is coloured right through the plastic. It's not a coating or paint. I've attached a photo of it alone, along with a photo of it compared to a pearl gold 1 x 2 tile on the left and a metallic gold 1 x 2 tile on the right. Is it flat dark gold or some other gold colour?

Finally, what I think are flat dark gold 2 x 2 plates.They are much darker than pearl gold, and more metallic than pearly. I've attached a photo of the possible flat dark gold (on the right) side by side with a pearl gold 2 x 2 (on the left) plate for comparison. What do you think?





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  • To be honest, all the gold parts look like pearl gold to me. There are two clear shades of this that LEGO have used and one looks significantly darker than the other. I also wouldn't be surprised if the hose came out a different tint as well due to the material difference.

    I don't have so many parts in purple, but I wouldn't be too surprised again to find variation in that and both parts could be the same official colour.
  • As has been pointed out on other threads, flat dark gold is almost exclusively a Bionicle colour, so if the hose comes from such a set then it may be worth further investigation. The plates are probably just different shades of pearl light gold. As far as the cones are concerned (and I say this without any in front of me), but is the left hand one genuine LEGO? The internal structure seems different to me - should the vertical supports be the same height for both variants? Am happy to be corrected though.
  • Don’t understand why items are up for deletion if sellers have them in their inventory. Just my opinion.
  • @Neiljones This sometimes happens when a store adds a part to their inventory that, usually, doesn't exist in that colour, and has been misidentified. This may be what @ladyiolanthe is querying. Deleting that colour solves the problem of other stores following suit.
  • Hello,

    The golden hose - I recognize it. It is from set 8007. And it is metallic gold. If I compare them with nowadays gold pieces, then it looks exactly as on your comparison picture.

    With regards,
  • PS! The best other matching shade of this gold is the sunvisor from city series astronaut suits (piece 89159 in metallic gold). I have that sunvisor both in metallic gold and pearl gold and they are clearly different. Still seem like peal gold ones to be honest, but one is recognizably different shade.
  • Jay37 nailed it - "marked for deletion" means you've listed a part in a color that LEGO hasn't produced. There are always pour variations as others have noted here... in super rare cases, you may have a fake or a factory test pour, too. But BO does NOT delete the lot from the catalog until all sellers with that color either recategorize them or sell them off. But it will probably sit unsold for quite some time if it's in the wrong color.
  • Thank you everyone for your replies! It was very helpful.
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