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Hey guys I have an interesting proposal most likely for some of the bigger stores out there. I just started a new job with crazy hours that is going to make running my store very difficult. I'm considering selling all my inventory at one bulk price. I have 60,916 pieces with a value of $12,527 currently listed with most/all listed at or below the six month average. I want to abide by all site rules even though I'm not exactly sure what those are for something like this. I'm open to any offers. I understand we both are trying to make money so the $12k number is just a reference. All the parts are kept in zipped bags then in containers. Willing to sell with or without the containers. I have quite a bit of inventory specifically Minifigures that aren't uploaded to the store yet which I will throw in as freebies. I can send pictures of anything you would like to see. Please respond to this post first as I said earlier I want to make sure I'm playing by the rules of BO before/if I give out my personal contact info (don't want to appear I'm circumventing BO). Any info on protocol for this on BO would be helpful as well. Here's a link to the store . Thanks guys!!


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  • I would say its unlikely that you get someone to purchase your entire store through Brick Owl. You wouldn't want that anyway. There would be a sizeable fee through here and PayPal. Also, the going rate for a store is somewhere between 50-60% of your store inventory value. So if you're at $12000+, would should expect offers between $6000-$7000 possibly a little more depending on what you have. Most serious potential buyers are going to want to see a list of your inventory not just what they see on your store page. They are going to want proof of the inventory value, so be prepared for that. I didn't see where you were located, but someone close'ish that could come pickup the inventory works better for you than shipping it. Personally, I would like to be interested, but $6-7 thousand is a bit out of my purchasing power. Good luck.
  • @Papa Pearson I would argue the going rate is closer to 40% not 60%.
  • I do not know about brickowls "rules" but i have seen before people asking if they wanted to buy "their whole store"

    Compared to yours, you really have a lot of lego, and i doubt anyone would be able to buy it all at once.
    I am interested however, since you have a lot of bricks i could use for myself actually :-P
    But as the 2 others write, with shipping and the selling rate, i would not think you should go after the "normal/max" price.
    I my self would also be down to about the 6000 $ as a max, and that is for the lego. Then the shipping price comes on top of that, which i can only imagine the price of.

    So with all that. In your own position, you can change your delivery times to a wide range, the max is actually 14 days, from the order is in, till you send it.
    So it could be a "weekend fun job" for you if you wanted !!

    But if this is not an option for you either, i would suggest you make a more "formal" offer in price, shipping and so on, so people had a more concrete knowledge of where you are in the price range.

    Hope this helps and good luck :-)
  • I appreciate the feedback. @Malnaborg I understand that I would never get the max price doing it this way but I might not have another option. As far as price goes I'm honestly just open to offers, I have a number that I would need to be at to at least make my investment back but I also understand we all need to make money. I was actually going to look into shipping cost this weekend to get an idea what I'm up against, might be cheaper for me to deliver it myself lol.
  • Haha well delivery to me, would be in Denmark Europe, so that is not an option 🀣
    But also about the price, as you say, so we/I do not give you a price you refuse. Then it would be better for you, to write a "lowest" price and then go from there.
  • @Malnaborg What I own a boat haha jk. I understand what your saying but right now I cant exactly set that price for a couple reasons. One depends on shipping, shipping to you would cost a lot more than it would to say someone in Utah. The second would be that I'm currently still adding to my inventory so the value is changing, that's not my biggest concern but something to factor in. The 6k an official offer? Assuming shipping and proof of inventory or whatever you would want to see from my side is figured out. Does anyone know if there is a spot to see the weight of your inventory besides on a lot to lot basis? I couldn't find one. Kind of makes sense if not, not sure what the practicality of that would be on here ha.
  • The shipping would be big yes. For me I would pay 244$ for 20 kg. Of Lego.

    Compared to pictures, I guess you are already showing in your shop, so I would not worry about that 😊

    But for the final cost, or a part payment, one could pay for the weight in it self, rather than the specific brick.

    Never the less, I would not be able to pay for all your Lego at once πŸ˜‡
  • Certainly interested although importtaxes and shipping to the netherlands. Would be alot?
  • @unbrickable I haven't shipped internationally yet but I would assume it wouldn't be cheap with this quantity. It could be $1k with what it all weighs. On the same hand I am willing to work with someone to where we both feel happy about the deal
  • @MTM33 First, I wish you luck in finding a buyer, and I’m not looking to buy.

    Second, as to your value of the store as listed … anyone want to buy, is likely buying for resale. They are not (usually) buying to make their store larger. For an on going concern, most of the truly desirable/valuable parts will sell quickly, so what you have (which I have not checked) is either common, or perhaps priced above competitors.

    My own view is something like: what percentage (of that store value) do you want to clear after all fees/shipping/packaging have been accounted for ? Keeping in mind that the buyer wants to buy at a level where they have room to list it, and still show a reasonable profit. You end up at what some people call a fire-sale price, probably 35%-25% of that number. The fewer firm offers you have, the more likely this is where you will end up at.

    Good luck !
  • I think if you want to sell your store via BO (so they can get their piece) and once you reach an agreement with someone, you can create a custom lot and price it for the agreed-upon rate, then reserve it for your buyer. :-)
  • @Calibrick thank you I do appreciate it. I can't argue with anything your saying, it will be a bit of a process to go through and check out the value of the items in my store to a said buyer but it could be a good business opportunity for the right person no doubt. Mr. Nice Brick has not been open for too long so I would guess there are some desirable parts. Constantly adding to my online inventory from a back log in parts I've had with the amount of time I can focus on it these days is getting less and less. Most if not all the prices on my parts are competitive I believe...? I'm usually under the 6th month average price for whatever that says about my pricing IDK exactly. I put myself in a position where I'm not going to make much money if any at all when selling this way and I understand that. With that being said I'm open to offers even if someone thinks its a lowball (not going to offend me lol). For me to not lose my a** on this I think 46% of the store value after shipping cost I would be able to walk around my house without getting dirty looks from my wife all day ha. As far as selling it on BO I feel like that would be the right thing to do being as the site/community has been great and they might cinssider taking a lesser commission as a one time larger scale sale like this....? :) The one lot reservation is a good idea that I will use 100%, makes the buyers day much much easier.
  • I'm currently getting a ballpark idea of the weight for all items, to get a better understanding of what shipping cost would be.
  • Haha you must have an amazing wife then ☺️
    Mine is just about okay with my "hobby" but only because I make money of it πŸ˜‚

    And your store / collection really sound awesome. But from my view, take your time, so you feel okay with it all πŸ˜‡
  • @MTM33
    > Most if not all the prices on my parts are competitive I believe...?

    Competitive ? Possibly, if you are intending to keep open and be a going concern. That is different from trying to shut down, and move it all in one lump sale. The two are not comparable.
  • My husband loves my hobby... it keeps me distracted (I have medical stuph), plus now the stupid amount of money I spend in LEGO for myself is partially offset. ;-) Plus we fundraise for a great cause! Thank goodness for understanding, loving spouses. :-)

    Then again, he spends a fortune on woodworking equipment! ;-)
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