Mass Changes

Good morning,

I am having an issue with the mass change option. It is NOT working for creating a sale or removing a sale.

Can anyone advise as to what it is I am doing wrong?

Many thanks!!


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  • Hi,

    Note that when you apply a sale, the prices in your inventory do not change. It's only when you view the items in your BrickOwl store that you can see the discounted price.

    Is that the issue?
  • Hi beaverbrick,

    actually the sale amount itself does not register after the lot updates occur. I’ve set the sale amount & hit the update it tells me the update occurred but the sale amount does not take.
  • Just tested it a few times and it's working OK for me.

    After you've selected your categories and set the sale amount, then hit the orange 'Validate' button... does the button then change to a green 'Update x Lots' button?
  • I did. That’s curious, I just tried it again without issue. Wild! Thanks for the help!!
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