Another address failed verification

An order failed address validation with Stripe. I am presented with the message 'You may want to update your Stripe settings to validate the Address'. Can someone translate what that is suggesting ? One meaning is that I should change my Stripe setting to not validate it at all. The other possibility is that I can change a Stripe setting to make escalate an address validation failure to prevent the order from being created at all.


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  • There are settings within Stripe where you can tell them to reject payments under certain circumstances. It also offers guidance about whether or not you should switch each restriction on, some are probably best left off.
  • > some are probably best left off

    In my view, leaving an option off, that may increase the number of failed address verifications, is silly. I guess a lot of this has to do with how much payment risk you are willing to carry, and how averse you might be to disputes. I thought I looked at the settings (on Stripe) at least once already, maybe even twice. I'll go look again. I know I have the CVC one turned on, and thought I had postal code on (i.e. zip-code), but address is one that I don't believe has an on/off, but can cause what I'm seeing here.
  • So, the customer has finally supplied the missing detail, that clarifies what is happening here ...

    The order has the business address for both billing and shipping, but the real billing address for the payment card is their home address. So Stripe did the correct thing, by failing the address check. As this customer is known to me (from BL), and the order amount is relatively small, I'm going to run it as is.

    But this begs the question ... How can I get buyers to input legitimate billing addresses if Stripe is going to let it thru (which means BO is going to let it thru), but with a FAIL status on the payment address check ?

    Is there any way I can display something at checkout on BO, that says "You must enter the real billing address for the payment card" ?
  • When I asked the customer (politely) to please use the correct billing address next time, their response to me was that they have done millions of dollars of business like this, and don't understand why it's an issue.

    I would prefer not to do B2B sales, and this is an example of why.
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