can not make a new colour of a part

hi guys

Has been trying to make a new color of the part 28701 but no matter what I do it will not make the new colour of that part. Has done a few others with no issue but this one part refuses to make it in the colour "Transparent Dark Blue Opal" which is the BL Satin Trans-Dark Blue of the colour chart here. Is trying to make this part to correct an issue in a set on here which has the wrong colour listed as in the parts list for a few parts has fixed the rest of the set with making new parts and colours and deleting the wrong entry etc. BUT this one part will not create for some reason.

Any ideas


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  • Thank- you to whoever just made the part for me. Cheers :)
  • It's a long time since I've done this, but I recall it has something to do with adding a missing color to a wishlist, then deleting it from the wishlist. This in effect creates the new color. However, from your post it sounds like you know this. I was able to add the part without the top groove, but not the variant with. However, it doesn't show in the list of colors for that part variant, so I've either done it wrong, misremembered, or hit the same problem that you have.
  • yep jay can see the one you made without the top groove. And yep can not get the top groove one to make. I can make it if I want in any other colour besides the one colour I need. Ps has not made the non existed colours deleted them so they did not submit.
  • Adding a removing a color from a wishlist to create a new color? I had no idea you could do that. Normally I just go to the part and choose a color to sell/add to my store inventory (and if it's a new one to the catalog, it creates it).
  • @Calibrick Maybe I'm not remembering right (which could well be the case!) and it was another procedure I was thinking of, but I've definitely done something like this in the past.
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    There were some complex issues with those Opal colors. Hopefully they should all now been resolved. if you take a look at the color page here you can see that confusingly the 2 Blue Opal colors have almost identical lego internal names.

    @bricksonthemove I appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention
  • cheers lawrence
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