Paypal- QR code payment


I dont know if this has been looked at or if it is possible to set up on here. But has anyone looked at pay pal qr code payment as a method as I just noticed the fees are a hell lot better than mirco and normal pay pal fees. This is only available to bussiness accounts as far as I am aware of.

For down under (Australia)

Normal Transactions 2.60% + fixed fee ($0.30 cents)
QR Code Transactions – 10.01 AUD and above 0.90% + fixed fee ($0.10)
QR code Transactions – 10.00 AUD and below 1.40% + fixed fee ($0.10)
Mirco payments 5.00% + micropayments fixed fee ($0.05)

As you can see from the above the fees are way cheaper than both mirco and standard transactions just food for thought.
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