Bug: Does or doesn’t ship to the US?

I don't know if this is a user error or something with programming, but it is a discrepancy in reported info. See image


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  • Had something similar before, in my case it was because the store did not have a shipping method with sufficient space.
  • I may be splitting hairs here, but if it is a problem at the item level, shouldn't the message read "this item can't be shipped" or "special shipping required" or some message relative to the specific item and not an all-encompassing "Does not ship to US"? Just seems odd that someone in the US doesn't ship to the US.

    The practical result of not being able to ship the item may be the same, but the implication is definitely different.

    I don't know what the problem is, or how to fix it, or who should fix it, just that it appears to be a problem.
  • It's not perfect but the message is correct - the seller doesn't ship that item to your location. If they had "request a quote" enabled it wouldn't say that, so the system genuinely assumes they're not interested in sending that to you.

    Perhaps "may not ship..." might be better, but that may invite queries the seller doesn't want to be dealing with.

    Of course, in this case it may be an entirely different reason why the message shows.
  • That would indicate the store has their shipping methods set up in a non-ideal way, we will contact the store about that
  • It's good to have Request a Quote shipping method enabled as I think it would have shown up correctly in that case.
  • @Hoddie you suggest a better message: "does not ship this item to US"…as opposed to "does not ship to US" which could imply "does not ship anything to US"…which is how I interpreted it. Underlying programming may not be coded to distinguish why any one item might or might not ship to a place, and it may be so far into the weeds as to not be worth the time to bother with it.

    As you say, it could be an entirely different set of underlying circumstances prompting the (ambiguous) message.

    Also, the proximity on the page to the store name, as far as UI goes, relates the message to the store, not the item. If the message was on the left, under the product name, that would relate the message to the product. The more I look at it, the more I think it may be a UI layout issue versus a programming issue.

    The Shipping line under the store name is sort of redundant given that the price with shipping is immediately to the left in its own column. I kind of think that Shipping line could be dropped.
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