Another problem with shipping address mismatch

Received order from a customer, no "warning" from BrickOwl, therefore shipped to address provided by PayPal.

For some reason customer had the address to a house that hasn't been built as their PayPal address AND billing address on BrickOwl.

I can only assume system is looking for differing address between PayPal/billing, which doesn't make sense.

Really the resolution should be shipping address = PayPal address, this has been brought up numerous times in the past. This is the only place on the internet that I have purchased or sold from/on where this problem can occur.

@Lawrence please consider fixing it.



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    @Graham Once upon a time (and it's been a few years, but I'm thinking back) the situation at PayPal was that you could have multiple addresses. One was a primary address and the others were gift addresses. Since many PayPal payments are being funded directly from credit/debit cards, confirming a gift address required that the card holder had to go to their card issuing financial institution, and have them put the gift address on file first. Then, when using the gift address, it would be matched with the card issuing bank for validation. At least that is how I remember it. The same process would also apply to Stripe.

    ETA But in one sense, what we really care about is less that the addresses match, and more how PP rates the payment (Eligible, Partially-Eligible, or Not-Eligible). PayPal is doing some level of due diligence, and that rating tells us what they think about the payment.
  • @Graham could you let me know the order number so i can look into this?
  • just on this a seller should be sending to the paypal shipping address as not doing it basically nullified ALL buyer and seller protections offered by pay pal....
  • @nita_rae

    When I make a purchase elsewhere (numerous etailers) and select PayPal as payment method, I get redirected to PayPal to authorize payment and enter shipping address, which can be different from my verified (home/billing) address.
    Then a redirect back to merchant to complete purchase. Merchant receives shipping address from PayPal. All PayPal buyer/seller protection is in place just the same as if I'd entered my home address.

    I have a buyer on BL who drop ships minifigures to a different address every time they order from me. That address is the same on both BL and PayPal

    @Lawrence i realize there is an extra step involved, but it would solve all the issues with conflicting/incorrect addresses.

  • It looks like the warning was not shown as the zip code is the same on all the addresses, and the system only compares the zip code to avoid false warnings.

    Unfortunately we are unable to pass the brick owl shipping address to Paypal in the USA due to the way the Paypal API is setup.
  • Ok thanks for explaining- but how are other web sites able to do so?
  • Simple. just give a 30 days warning to all users in USA that the Billing and shipping address will disappear from the account. Only paypal address will remind in place.
    By the way Laurence, why do you want to past Brickowl shipping address to Paypal? Its the other way around?
  • @bricktoys4boys
    That would definitely solve the problems @Lawrence ?
  • @bricktoys4boys let us keep in mind that PayPal is but one of several (at a minimum two) payment services supported by BO. Any solution should be equally applicable to Stripe.
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