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Hello fellow Brick Owl'ers (if I said that right),

I'm new to Brick Owl and recently made my first sell to a new buyer likely as well after a month or so. Glad to see some traction!

I changed today from Paypal (Personal) to Paypal (Business) payment method. However, I don't see an option to delete the Paypal (Personal). I received the error of having both, so I disabled the Personal. But I'd like to delete it completely. Do advise if I missed that button somewhere. Or if not available, I'd recommend adding that option to clean up the interface.

Thank you!

Mom and Pop's Creations


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  • Hmmm that's a good question, I don't honestly know the answer... I suggest emailing and see if Lawrence (the admin) can help you. He's super responsive and a pleasure to work with!

    And welcome to BO! We wish you and your new store great success, it's a fun and friendly platform to sell at!
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