ship_methods with USPS zones

I have implemented several shipping methods with USPS Zones. Being in one corner of the country, 8-10 states are zone 8, and that can be expensive, so zones it is. On the Delivery page, there is a {{block type="ship_methods"}} dynamic replacement. It appears that it is sequentially displaying each individual rate on a different line. So 9 zones for a given weight band, end up on 9 lines, and do not clearly distinguish why they are different. 9 zones times 20 weight bands results in 180 lines. If need be, I will remove the block type, but thought I'd mention it here first, to see if this is something that deserves attention.



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  • Hi Nita! To make shipping rates easier for customers to view, I customized my Shipping Rates page using HTML... if you're not a HTML programmer, you can make a clearer rates table in Microsoft Excel, copy it to Microsoft Word (formatted), then save it as an HTML file. Then, in the page edit, click the source view button and copy/paste the code over to give you an easier-to-read rates table for US customers.

    I also have a note on mine that notes how and where to look up where you zones are based on your zip code.

    Since this site is international (and based in the UK), what could be an automated cleaner view for the US could result in a mish-mosh for other parts of the world - I suspect that's why it's laid out as it is if you use the automatic view.
  • @Calibrick yes, I was hoping it would display as a row/column table, kind of like how it is being entered.
  • My delivery page has been resolved. It seems that I can directly copy/paste from my spreadsheet app, to the page layout screen. It will then turn it into a table as part of the paste operation.
  • That's awesome news!!! Sounds much easier than the way I suggested, that's terrific!
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