BLS Manager & Sync

For the past two years I have been working on BLS Manager, a Windows application to keep track of BrickLink orders, inventory and store statistics. The two most asked for features are multi-platform and BrickOwl support, the first being technically complicated, and the second a lot of work :wink:

I started work on BrickOwl support, and making good progress.

- API is implemented.
- Added multi-marketplace support.
- Sync is almost finished.

I will add BO support in multiple steps, first I am going to add inventory synchronization support, BLS Sync will be ready for testing in the next couple months, after that I will add an inventory editor, order support, and stats (long term).

BLS Sync current features are:

- Edit inventory anywhere!
- Approval & Issue queue.
- Overwrite fields per marketplace.
- Automatic BL XML update support.
- No master on/off required (BrickSync).
- Backup, export, and import inventory.
- Editable mapping tables.
- More stable item number convertion between BL and BO.
- Framework to add additonal marketplaces (Ebay/Amazon,FB...).
- Full audit trail.
- PowerShell tools.
- Easy setup.
- and more...

BLS Sync is a Windows service that runs in the background on your computer, with a small tray-monitor app that notifies you about events, and a full user interface in BLS Manager.

Please, let me know what you think and want in a new synchronization app, all feedback and questions are welcome :smile:

*Full disclosure, eventually BLS Manager/Sync needs to be monitized, because it is a full time job to develop and maintain, there will be a free version of BLS Manager with paid for modules.


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  • I'm so excited to use this! Great job!
  • Looks great! Good to know there's an alternative to BrickSync in the works. I take it BLS will operate the same way in that it requires the Windows machine it's running on to be left on 24/7/365?
    That's not a deal breaker for me as its what I currently have in place for BrickSync but I am slowly starting to consider options that are cloud hosted to avoid the need for my machine to be on all the time.
    Please keep us updated!
  • Yes, this requires a machine that runs full time, hosting BLS Sync might be something for the future when there is enough interest and I can guarantee stability and uptime.
  • Please keep us updated. Do you have a suggested donation for utilization? Thanks, Tyson
  • I'll keep posting updates here :)

    I don't exactly know how I am going to monetize the app. I will get back to that when it is closer to release.

    These are the system requirements for now:

    24/7 PC
    Windows 7 SP1+ 64Bit
    MS SQL Server 2019
    .NET Framework 4.8

    You can use the free SQL Server Express.

    BLS Manager can be used to manage inventory, but you can also edit it directly on BL or BO. Manual inventory changes are placed in an approval queue (when enabled) before they are synced to the master and other marketplaces. This is to prevent edits not made by sellers from propagating automatically (like admins removing an item that isn't allowed).

    I did 'finish' the first version of the inventory History/Audit screen:
  • @ErwinNL

    Looks and sounds interesting- I really prefer having full control of my store locally. Not keen on having all my data with a third party. So count me in when ready, as long as the cost is realistic. And the functionality is "pc dummy" friendly, (being a Apple user)
  • Hello everyone, I am still working on the sync app and making good progress. I redesigned the database to allow for easier integration of other e-commerce platforms (like Shopify, eBay, Gambio) and added support for translations, multiple categories, tier prices, additional fields, (custom) images, and improved the overall code.

    The redesign did set me back in my planning. I now expect to do small-scale (basic-functionality) testing at the end of the month, early February.

    Here is a small preview of the new UI (just a WIP, not all options will be available in the 1st version), the screenshots show the user interface, and a routing rule that links a Gambio category to BL/BO.

    *Gambio is a German e-commerce platform.
  • Progress!

    I am currently testing the sync app with someone on Discord, I made a read-only version that doesn't modify inventory yet, just to test basic functions of the console / user interface. We first worked through the installation procedure and that is pretty stable now, now we are testing importing inventory, converting, backups etc, next will be testing if the app picks up remote changes, and after that actual synchonization.

    Some interesting functions for BO sellers that the console has:

    - backup <brickowl>
    - copy <brickowl> <bsx>
    - lookup <boid | blid>

    There of course is much more, and most will eventually be added to the user interface.

    If anyone wants to check it out or help, let me know!

    Feel free to join my Discord:
  • Looking forward to it @ErwinNL !!!
  • I'm very interested, following this tread.
  • Is it PC only?
    Not a big deal as I run BS on a pc. Just more familiar with Mac OS
  • It is Windows only, I might look into a Mac version someday but no promises (at all). There is always the option to host sync in the cloud.
  • How often has this been getting updated?
  • This thread or the software?

    I am planning on supporting the software for a long time to come.

    I post daily progress on my Discord, and try not to bump this topic for each step unless there is something major or people ask questions.

    InSpaceSync is still in testing, I am working on it full time and hope to have a first public release in the next couple weeks.
  • Hello all, I am making great progress on InSpaceSync, it is not going as quick as I want but I am getting there!

    I recorded a short video of the console running Unit Tests:

    What I am doing here is Adding and Removing random lots to either master inventory or directly to BrickOwl or BrickLink. Then I synchronize the changes and compare all inventories to what I expect them to be.

    After 20 minutes it stops with an error, in this case because the SubConditions don't match with what I expected, this is an issue with the unit test code, and not sync itself but should be fixed.

    I am also working on the manual, an early draft is available on my Discord.

    I can't wait to see you use InSpaceSync!
  • YouTube version

    I am not able to edit the post above?
  • Howdy!

    Here I am making changes to the same lot on BrickLink and BrickOwl and merge them together.

    InSpaceSync will use the value of last checked marketplace when you change the same field on both marketplace at the same time. With the exception of the Quantity field, changing quantity from 20 to 15 on BL and from 20 to 25 on BO will result in a total quantity of 20 (20 - 5 + 5).

    Getting closer to a final product.
  • Hello :)

    The latest test version of InSpaceSync is now available for download:

    I have made a how-to install video and in the Start Menu you can find a PDF manual (draft):

    This release includes a virtual marketplace (BrickVirtual) that you can use to test sync commands without making changes to your actual store. (You still need to add your store in read-only mode to get the required data sets).

    Also new:

    - Catalog Lookup
    - Partout tool
    - Mail notifications

    Note that this version is NOT ready for production yet! but really close, make backups if you are going to try to sync a live store.

    Any feedback is appreciated, feel free to contact me.

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