Inventory tabs keep collapsing--annoying.

Put on a black friday sale with certain categories being 20% off. It took a lot longer than it should have because of how the tabs would keep collapsing. I'd open up the part tab, then select a category. It would then freeze while the system did something, that the tabs would collapse with the exception of the tabs I had selected. So I'd have to open up the parts tab again, scroll back down to where I was select the next category, wait for the tabs to collapse, repeat.

Can this please be changed as I see no logical reason why such an effect should be implemented.


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  • Upvoted... don't forget to vote on your suggestion, Firestar! The counts do matter. :-)
  • Forgot I could do that, thanks for the reminder! :)
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    Can this please be changed? I'm trying to put a sale on specific categories, and every time I check another box, there's a 5-10 second period where everything grays out while the site does something, then all the tabs collapse except for the ones I checked. So I have to open up the tabs again and find where I left off. What takes about a minute to do on BL takes five minutes here.
  • I made a change to this, so the next two levels up from a selected category should now stay open when the page "refreshes"
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