Error with collection value?

Hi, I wanted to ask about a sudden, unexplainable jump in the value of my collection that has happened before this year,
I am talking about an increase of over 3,000 Euros from yesterday. Now I own a lot and I totally understand this fluctuates daily, I look into my collection a bit like a stock portfolio and look how many items and lots have what value.
Several months ago the value of my collection jumped up by 2,000 Euros and went back down.
Today compared to yesterday the jump was over 3,000 Euros.
Bear with me here - I understand we have 1-2 sellers in the EU that list absurd high prices, they always lead the list and I don't understand that and wonder how they sell anything, especially if there is dozens of others offering the same part for a fraction of the price.
I do have a few rare pieces and if no one has them listed the value seems to drop out, or be zero, which I thought was a slight flaw in this collection record keeping here.
But where and how do these huge jumps come from? Surely there must be a flaw somewhere because I think that someone listed a lot of rare things extremely expensive so it jumps at once ...
I am expecting the value to be "normal" again in a day or 2, but I am more questioning and doubting than taking the financial gain as a book value serious at all.

Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone know why or how?

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