"An unknown error occurred. Please try again." at "Buy Wishlist"

Over the past half year I have created a long wishlist for a big MOC project, which now has several thousand items in 1280 lots and is predicted to cost over 2k Euros. When I select the wishlist in the buying tool to start my orders, nothing happens and the message "An unknown error occurred. Please try again." appears. In the case of my other wishlists, the error message does not appear and in the past all orders through the buying tool have been fine. Possibly the algorithm is overwhelmed by the number of lots / parts. Please kindly advise me on a) the maximum number of parts / lots per wishlist that the buying tool can handle and b), if this is the cause of the error, how can I split my big wishlist up into smaller wishlists that the algorithm can handle without having to manually recreating the 1280 lots again? Creating my wishlist has literally taken weeks of exploring on BrickOwl and I can't believe now I can't order... Thanks so much!


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  • Alternatively, is there a third-party tool to which I can export the big wishlist, break it down there and bring smaller wishlists back into BrickOwl so the algorithm can handle it?
  • Hi. I had a 13k parts project 686 lots and the engine really could not handle it. to use the wizard I took all the high number items like technic pins and pegs and move them to their own list. Once I did that the magic engine could cope again. Igood luck
  • I know there is a 1,000 lot limit on orders to prevent overloading; perhaps a limit should be put onto wishlists. Unfortunately, I have not used wishlists on here very much and don't know if there is an easy way to split it.
  • I would contact @Lawrence via brickowl.com. I used my far, far smaller wishlist this weekend with no problems, so perhaps there is a lot limit set to prevent abuse (that can be turned off on request)?
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