Collection - Estimated Value tweak?

I am wondering if it might be possible to base the estimated value in a user's Collection on the average price for new or used based on whether the collector has indicated their collection item is new or used? Or if a collector could at least choose (by way of a toggle or something) whether they prefer to use the New or Used average prices for their entire collection of items?

Currently the estimated value is based on the average for both used and new, which results in some bizarrely skewed estimated values. For example, I have a used which should have an estimated value of $12.25 but instead has an estimated value of $70.09 because someone is selling a new one of these for over $700.


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  • I have just tested this, as far as I can see, the collection estimate already takes account of the condition of items. Adding that staircase to my collection, and changing the condition of the item, changes the estimated value of the collection.
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