Bought items from my list, why are they still all showing?

Hi, I bought some items from one of my wishlists. Now they still show in the list. How do I know what I already bought and what I still need?

I want to buy the rest later, not today.



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  • It may have changed (or may not work as it should), but I recall that when you place an order there is a tickbox to say that items from your wishlist have been purchased and do you want to remove them. I tend to leave it unticked and change my wishlist manually, just in case the order goes missing or the part is wrong when it arrives.
  • Well if there was, I missed it *lol*
    I guess I have to do it manually as well once I find the time and patience.

    Thanks for your answer, I will keep my eyes open for the box next time.
  • You can also access the same form from the more actions drop down on an order. You can find the order in the orders placed section of your account.
  • How cool is that? Thanks so much for the help!!!
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