Add "Duplo" to all parts from Duplo

As of now, only some parts that are from Duplo system have Duplo in the name, but a lot doesn't...

I had customers noticed this after placing the order or when receiving it.

Some examples:

Maybe @Lawrence can solve this in mass.


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  • Every item in the duplo category is searchable by the duplo term. Do I take it from your description that a customer did not realise that these were duplo items, and thought they would be smaller?
  • Yeah, the problem is not finding Duplo items, the thing is, for a brick arch or a X animal search it doesn't say it is Duplo in the name so people often think it is standard Lego size.
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    Is this a problem with the whitelabel thing? If you look on BO it shows the Lego and Duplo logos right under the main brick name, on it doesn't.

    Actually in store view on BO they don't display either.
  • From a customer POV looking inside a store vs. the catalog at parts, I can see the problem here for sure... while the theme appears in the table below, it really isn't immediately obvious in that view. Maybe we should consider appending Duplo at the start of each title for those elements, similar to how we note technic in the title of many parts, e.g., LEGO Duplo Brick 2 x 2.
  • And it happened again, just received this message:

    "I am confused about my order. The shelf I received is Duplo-sized. On the product file, it is mentioned 2 x 4 x 5 (1,6cm x 3,2cm x 5cm)
    which is more of a regular lego brick size. It is also named Lego white frame and not Duplo."

    On top it can be read this:

    You are here: Catalog > LEGO Parts > Duplo > Other > LEGO White Frame 4 x 2 x 5 with Shelf (27395)

    But not in the item name nor in the box describing the part.

    @Lawrence can't you automate that Duplo is mentioned somewhere more prominent in the part and also the dimensions for these parts should use a different formula, not the standard 1 stud = 0.8cm
  • With the recent update the cm dimensions no longer show... Okay...

    Now the part title update? :smile:
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