Improve Wishlist inside stores

I have a few suggestions that feel would improve the Wishlist use inside a store.

1 (DONE) - First is a link to go manage your WL, maybe in the top right dropdown menu or in the "YOUR WISHLISTS" title.

2 (DONE) - Add a button on top or bottom to add all item to the cart instead of having to click in each parts' button...

3 - Also if condition is ANY select first the cheapest used/new by auto filling qty accordingly as total requested.

4 - Implement file import to WL, a lot of MOCs are now shared with this filetype.

5 (DONE) - Being able to select multiple WL within a Store would be great too.

6 (DONE) - Implement sorting: Color, Name, Qty, Price...

7 - Maybe a table display would feel better:

Anybody any other suggestions or comments on this?



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  • I'd like a single ADDITIONAL link to show all the items on all my wishlists in one click. I'm running 30 something lists. If a store has 12 of them, then it is 1 click per list to view. It would be a lot easier on me, the buyer, to have an option to have one click show e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

    Aside: Sergio, regarding your link above, that default sort order is a special kind of hell. You have orange 1x1 round plate at the top, then skip some and orange 1x1 round plate shows up again. Greens are also separated. I know the default sort order itself is probably not something you are controlling, but whatever that order is, it is chaos. If you're going to manually "build" your links, I think some other sort option would be a better UX choice.
  • A link to show all wanted lists together was something I thought too but forgot to mention too!

    Thanks for your input Mark, what I meant was the view of items per se, not the sorting (in that case is BO "whatever" Default).
  • Being able to print a full Wishlist would be great too
  • I've adjusted the wishlist display in stores so there is now a link to display all wishlist results. I agree the wishlist view inside stores could do with a lot more work.
  • @Stellar could you clarify point 7? The display is already a table layout as opposed to a grid layout
  • Now if you have a part in more than 1 color on a WL you still only see one image of the top color, instead on stores when you switch to table view you get eat lot in a different row showing the correct image color. Semetimes I missed ordering something in a color because it is also confusing as it shows new and used mixed in between too.
  • Thank you for clarifying, I understand what you mean now
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