Problem with order combining


Customer wasn't charged combining fee, first time this has happened, settings all correct. Please advise.


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  • Usually this happens if a customer changes to a cheaper shipping methods which results in a negative shipping charge which counteracts the order combining fee
  • OK that’s probably not the best thing, there’s no way they wanted to change from priority mail to first class, if they were given the option a customer will naturally select the option with no charge, unaware they are making that change.

    Suggest you make that clear at checkout, because if I now ship first class, they are bound to complain and likely leave a negative remark.

    All you need is a pop up warning “are you sure you want to change shipping method from “x” to “y” “

    The other solution would be to not allow a downgrade.

    I’ll have to eat it this time.

  • It may be best to contact the customer to ask what shipping method they wanted, as the system should not change the shipping method itself
  • @Lawrence It's pretty obvious, customer wouldn't decide to switch from priority mail to (slower) first class AND loose $3.00+
    My fix if it happens again is no more order combining
  • This has happened twice to me too. Same customer to boot. I have started to wonder if they deliberately split the order since shipping is completely free for the second combined order.

    The last two orders combined were in fact exactly the same. Same part and count in both and then combined. No combining fee charged. I don't want to see this becoming a problem.

    The shipping on the first order seem more than usual though so I think it covers the combine fee but I really have no idea what's going on with it.
  • Just ask them to make a new order and refund the difference? :)
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