10 first customer get a discount voucher

Dear BrickOwl

We are launching our shop and have left BL which is getting a quite lame place to be in...

10 first customers will get a discount voucher if they apply for a quote.

Thanks in advance and hoping seeing you at Brickos.


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  • @brickos a tip I learned moving from BL to here: BO is more of an on-demand platform. You will see higher sales if you setup all your shipping bands/weights (or use someone's shared and tweak the prices) and try to limit request a quote as much as physically possible. The customer base here really prefers instant checkout - you will see higher sales. For larger sets, request a quote is certainly reasonable and I think that is expected there in many cases. :-) Just wanted to share the tip for consideration!
  • Excellent thanks a lot for the advisory, will work on this now.
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