How do I send photos

Hi all looking for help on how to send photos. I have been asked if I can sent photos of some items. I just can’t find a way to do it. Your help is always appreciated.


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  • You can either reply to the email and add the images as attachments, or otherwise go to the user's page, hit the contact tab, and send to the email address shown (long string of random characters ending in using your normal email client.

    You cannot send images via the BO messaging platform.
  • Ok thanks for that information much appreciated
  • If you check the email account tied to your BO account, you can reply to the user's request (it will be a crazy looking email string, which is accurate) using your actual email app (e.g., I use gmail) which will let you add attachments. As Hoddie notes, BO itself does not allow attachments in messages.
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