Help needed again

I am looking for help as always, because I don’t understand the response to trying to load a photo to the catalogue.

Could you submit this against the relevant color of the item? Thank you

I’ve put the item up for sale then clicked on edit and uploaded the photo and that was the response I got. As always your help is much appreciated.


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  • Without knowing what it is you're adding, I will make an assumption from the response that it is a part that comes in more than one colour. Try to think of it as a 'parent' and 'child' relationship - the 'parent' is the main catalogue entry, for example a 2x4 brick, and each colour is considered a 'child'. BO needs pictures for the 'children', but not the 'parent'.

    Sometimes all of the colours for that part are listed and will either have an existing image of the colour, or a digital rendering of the colour, or in some cases the placeholder render (a greyed out 2x4 brick used for everything that is imageless).

    If you have one of the existing colours that you are trying to add a picture to, first go to the 'parent' entry (e.g. 2x4 brick), then the colours tab. Find the 'child' entry (e.g. 2x4 brick orange) and click this. From here find the edit tab and submit your picture here.

    If the colour you are trying to add doesn't currently appear in the colours list you need to add it first before you can add the picture. If this is what you're trying to do then mention it - it's a long time since I've done one and is easier to get my head round when I'm doing it on a desktop rather than mobile!
  • As @Jay37 said the reply that you got suggests that you were trying to add it to the uncoloured item instead of the black item, rather than there being anything wrong with the picture itself. What's the item number?
  • Thanks to you both, looks like it is done now. Once again thank you for your help.
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