Order confirmed on buyer's side, no payment received via Stripe.

The order status is still on Pending, even though the buyer received the order confirmation mail. This happend with the 2nd order, the payment of the 1st order went smooth as it can be. The buyer from Belgium paid for the order yesterday via Bancontact, with no payment received of the order in my Stripe dashboard.


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  • Does that payment type have a settlement time ? You may want to check the Stripe documentation to see if there are any special notes.
  • It looks like we had an issue where the stripe webhooks were not been received for a few days. They should now start to come back in over the next few hours.

    In this specific order, the payment failed, so the order will soon be updated to convey this information. Unfortunately the order will likely need to be cancelled, and the customer try placing the order again.
  • 3 days ago I noticed that Stripe had 'switch off' some of the payment methods - SOFORT, iDeal, etc. - so I had to turn them back on.
  • Yeh I was the person with this problem I've payd with bancontact and didn't got through yet been like that for days money went out of my account but spectre didn't receive seems like reordering is pointless since I've already payd so we can only wait
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