New service and more profits

Hello friends,

I am working on a project that will increase LEGO sellers sales and profits by adding a new product and reducing the shipping costs. I just need to do an initial survey and your cooperation is highly appreciated.

I need to know the LEGO seller store name that is located nearby a LEGO store with Pick a Brick wall in each city and country example:

LEGO store address
City : Tauentzienstraße 20, 10789 Berlin, Germany:

The nearest LEGO seller store name is : XXYY ( your store name )

PS: The nearest brickowl store supposed to be within the same city of the LEGO store address

Please send your information to my inbox indicating your brickowl LEGO store name and how far you are located from the nearest pick a brick wall LEGO store in your area

Again, it’s a chance to increase your profits and reduce your shipping costs, and will add a unique feature to brickowl.
Further information will be delivered later

Thank you in advance

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